Study Gloves / KILL la KILL RED

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- 釣り道具から参照された3オープンフィンガーグローブを現代の都市空間にあわせて再構成
- レイヤーされた伸縮素材と防風性の高い人工スエード素材
- 指の動きに合わせた立体構造
- インナーグローブは取り外して洗濯が可能

inner: nylon90%-polyester10%

made in Japan

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the TV anime "Kill la Kill" by TRIGGER, one of Japanese leading animation studios, we're excited to introduce a collaboration model inspired by the show. This unique piece draws its design from the "Red Gauntlet" worn by the protagonist, Ryuko Matoi, and is an extension of HATRA's popular fingerless gloves series.

- Reimagined for the modern urban space, this glove is inspired by fishing gloves and features a 3 open-finger design.
- Constructed with layered stretch fabric and high wind-resistant synthetic suede.
- Ergonomically structured to accommodate the movement of fingers.
- The inner gloves are removable and washable for easy maintenance.